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My name is Graeme or ‘Jace’ to my friends and associates. My clients call on JacePhotos , dependable and has a meticulous eye for detail.

We are also a PR and News Agency

Photography is both my lifelong hobby and passion. I see photography as a continuous journey, constantly developing new styles and techniques. From humble beginnings as a Wedding Photographer, I have been a regular contributor for the last 10 years as freelance national and international newspapers.

Alongside photojournalism, my work includes both still-image, portraiture and charitable projects.

I am based in the North East, I have covered 100’s of miles from the North East to Lincolnshire. My work has taken me to all kinds of locations and afforded me the opportunity to meet all kinds of people. I am well-adapted to photographing difficult people and sensitive subjects, getting the best out of them in often limited timeframes.

As an experienced photographer I enjoy sharing my knowledge and to inspire others.

Please Contact Me for an informal discussion about your next project, or find me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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